Since its launch in 2006 we have been installing Soundweb London BLU systems in venues all over the world!

With a choice of fourteen different open-architecture processors within the Soundweb London BLU family and input / output card flexibility within several of these devices, Soundweb London represents a truly flexible and scalable system.

Flexible not only in hardware but also in software configuration. You enjoy total flexibility of signal path flow and connectivity, a massive range of processing objects modelled on classic BSS Audio processors, and the freedom to design the system exactly how you want it.

EM Communications Soundweb

EM Communications have harnessed this capability and, using other components and software from the Harman brand portfolio, can offer a complete end-to-end audio solution as well as video processing and control all brought together to your Smart Phone or iPad.


This has led to a significant cost saving solution over more traditional conference or board room control solutions and in the retail and leisure markets has given instant content control to the management without the need to visit the DJ booth or AV rack!


With its range of audio networking solutions, DSP capability, input / output expansion or a specific mix of functionality, Soundweb London offers the building blocks of a tailor-made system seamlessly integrating with MADI,  DANTE, AVB and CobraNET audio protocols.

Freedom to design your system exactly how you want it…

Original ‘Green box’

HiQnet Motion Control

Having spent the last 16 years designing sound systems around the now discontinued BSS ‘Original’ Soundweb 9088 and Soundweb 9088 ii Network System Processors, we understand that there is a considerable number of Soundweb programming based installations that are no longer supported by their original installers or the sound design file (*sdf) has simply been lost!

If you have an original Soundweb installation and have no means of making adjustments or reconfiguring your sound and video system, please get in touch with us. We can carry out a site survey of your premises and can rewrite your missing file so your system can then be reconfigured or any additions or variations to your sound and video installation can be integrated properly.

We also have a range of loan units we can fit into your venue to keep you operational whilst your Soundweb unit is being repaired.

Moreover, the experience with, and suggestions from thousands of clients have enabled BSS Audio to enhance Soundweb London’s power and flexibility to unprecedented levels.

HiQnet Motion Control 2

Do you have a venue where you want to adjust your audio ‘On the Hoof’ and can’t  go back to a wall mounted control panel? – Soundweb London has the solution!

HiQnet Motion Control™ is an Apple iOS app which enables customised control  interfaces to be exported to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices for mobile system control.  Dedicated design templates are available for the configuration of customised interfaces, which can be used to control devices from BSS Audio, Crown, dbx and JBL.

Any number of control panels designed within the Custom Panel Designer can be loaded onto an iOS device directly from the Audio Architect interface, without the need to connect to Apple iTunes.  Navigation between the panels couldn’t be easier – either by the use of swiping gestures or from an automatically-generated bar at the bottom of the iOS display.