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Bar & Restaurant Sound

Bar & Restaurant Sound

Whether you are building a retail shop, restaurant, hospitality or Bar, cost of fitting out the space is always an issue and the cost of installing a full DSP based audio system just isn’t an option.

QSC have come up with a very cost effective alternative in the form of their QCS MP-M range of fixed architecture music and paging mixer/processors offering unprecedented capabilities combined with ease of configuration and operation. Depending on the size of venue, there is a maximum of sixteen inputs and eight zone outputs as well as a ‘music on hold’ output that can be use for just that or could be used as a fixed volume output to the reception or toilets.

Fully customisable wall controllers are available and provide multi-zone source selection, scene selection and volume control. Designers can configure these peripherals to provide end users with as much or as little control over the system as needed. 

In addition, the system offers wireless Smartphone or PC control providing end users day-to-day operation of basic system functions including zone level, source selection, scene recall, scheduling, and mixer control. It also offers a unique store-and-forward zone paging functionality to the MP-M Series mixer.

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