AV Installation Service

Over this time we have built a reputation for audio and visual knowledge and expertise, backed up by a passion for excellent customer service.

At EM Communications we have been designing, integrating and installing professional lighting and audio equipment and digital signage for more than 25 years.


As a systems integration company, we can offer an end-to-end solution where everything works seamlessly with everything else and a project management solution to achieve this goal.

We can advise on any sound, lighting or video AV requirement, Soundweb installation and programming.

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Sound, Light & Video Installation

EM Communications are experts in the design and installation of Audio Visual (AV) systems throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

We have 25 years of experience and expertise which enables us to understand the goals of your AV project and translate it into a AV specification that is fit for purpose, budget and physical space. Our long standing AV industry relationships give us access to the latest AV technology so yo can be confident an AV system from EM Communication is cutting-edge and will last.

Our team of project managers, installers and support staff will make your Audio Visual installation go smoothly and deliver the project on time.

You can start your enquiry today by calling us on 01892 539505 for a free, no obligation quote, or complete the enquiry form and one of our professional AV experts will call you straight back.


At EM Communications we adopt a detailed sound system design process as part of our project delivery process. We provide impartial advice and have strong relationships with our manufacturer partners but we are not tied to any one particular solution. This allows us to choose the right products for your sound system requirements, whether you are replacing an existing sound system or installing a new solution, we are experts in designing and installing sound systems that are fit for purpose.

If your sound system requirements are particularly complex or on a large scale, we often include our manufacturer partners in the sound system design process, using the latest proprietary software systems including EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) or SMAART (Sound System Measurement and Optimisation Software). This allows our sound system designers to identify optimum system response, coverage and SPL, using 2D and 3D mapping of your venue or building.

In addition a number of manufacturer partners that we work with including Cloud Electronics, Crown, JBL Professional, Soundcraft, AKG, BSS, dbx, Lexicon, AMX and Studer, we use our own proprietary design calculation software to correctly calculate the optimised layout and deployment of equipment and loudspeakers for your building.

We are experts in programming and commissioning these systems too to ensure your sound system design performs exactly as it should and as you expect it to.

Our specialist designers and specifiers at EM Communications have substantial knowledge of theatre, commercial, education, architectural, control and installation methods for professional lighting. We can help you turn your dream venue into an amazing reality.

Whether you are considering refurbishments of existing venues or starting with a new building we will work with you to provide you the best lighting system solution for your needs and budget.

Using latest technologies, including LED lighting solutions we provide energy saving and eco-friendly lighting system solutions in our lighting system designs, reducing energy consumption and your energy spend for years to come.

Whether your needs are for lighting consoles, dimming equipment, lighting fixtures including LED lighting products, rigging equipment or lighting consumables for stage, theatre, venues or commercial lighting applications EM Communications will provide and install leading system solutions from manufacturers including ANYtronics, Chauvet, ETC, Martin Professional, Pulsar, Robe and Zero 88.

All electrical installation works are tested and certified to NICEIC and BS7671 Standards.

With an ever increasing requirement for networked video systems including digital signage requirements in retail, hospitality, education and leisure markets, EM Communications has an established reputation for being class leaders in digital signage installation services.

Our installation engineers are able to provide complete digital signage solutions, from concept, through to delivery of your vision. We work with you to identify the most strategic locations for installation of your video system, helping you choose the right screen, the right size, specification and brand. We work with you to provide the correct networking through to final installation and programming/scheduling of your display needs. And we do this across a single venue or across your entire estate of buildings/venues.

Need a finance plan to pay for your AV installation? Medialease is our preferred finance partner.

Medialease have been providing specialist asset finance for AV installations across the UK for over fifteen years. They understand the unique requirements of AV, Sound, Lighting and Digital signage projects and offer a range of financing options – including medium and long-term rental, on and off balance sheet leasing and hire purchase.

From a new sound system for your church to an AV installation across a whole university campus Medialease can advise you on your best option.

Call their friendly team on 01327 872531 or email

Where we work

Digital Signage has become commonplace in all forms of retail marketing and at EM Communications we are experts in the design, supply and installation of single and multiple screen digital signage solutions for Retail, Hospitality and Leisure markets.

Often used to enhance customer experiences, digital signage is a crucial part of an omni-channel retail experience which can be achieved with the clever use of digital signage in key locations and point-of-sale positions. Many retailers choose digital signage as a secondary sales tool that can provide information, way-finding and sell products and promotions too.

At EM Communications we have a wealth of experience from the initial stages, conception and implementation of programming for digital signage solutions including scheduling content delivery to meet the changing needs of business during the course of the working day and changing clientele.

If you’d like to find out more about how EM Communications can help you with your digital signage requirements for your business, get in touch with us today.

At a company board meeting clarity of message is critical to ensure that all board members and attendees can quickly and clearly understand the complex issues being discussed.

Presentation systems are a key tool to achieve this.

We provide AV presentation systems for all size of board room, either as a fixed installation project, or on a short term hire.

Our integrated packages include projectors, screens, audio systems & video conferencing equipment. For standard board rooms our systems normally include a PA System with a conference room setup but we are equally comfortable at larger scales that require large format screen, staging, draping etc.

From modern mosques to historical and ancient temples, EM Communications has a history steeped in working in houses of worship, of all faiths, providing comprehensive sound, light and video installations.

We understand historical and modern buildings cannot afford to be blighted with poor quality installations and we focus our attention on the smallest details to ensure all of our installations are sympathetic to the environment in which they are installed and guarantee only the highest standard of works.

Having recently renovated a complete sound system at Salisbury Cathedral, a building that dates back more than 750 years, we completed the whole project without drilling a single hole in the entire building, using existing holes, bespoke fittings and existing bracketed to protect the integrity of the existing building.

” We recently installed a wireless access point on top of a throne dating back to 1350 “

With an emphasis on performance, a house of worship regularly requires flexibility from installed AV systems and we are able to provide audio visual, sound and lighting systems for houses of worship that allow control and every day use by non-av experts, yet are flexible enough to cater for the multiple uses of the space.

Often houses of worship are extremely reverberant spaces requiring specialist sound system design knowledge.  We have regularly been able to provide improved sound coverage and dispersion in large houses of worship, installing reduced quantities of loudspeakers angled correctly to provide even and consistent listening experiences, whilst managing reverberated and reflected sounds.

At EM Communications we have established a reputation for providing high-quality multi-zoned audio systems, complementary LED lighting / display lighting systems, digital signage and TV / Radio solutions for the hotel industry including large hotel-chains and multi-national blue-chip brands of the highest calibre.

If you are responsible for implementing the Audio-Visual and Entertainment systems for your hotel, estate or group, we’d be delighted to help you.

With the ever evolving landscape of the nightclub industry EM Communications has evolved too. For more than twenty years we have been designing, installing and commissioning extreme PA systems, effects lighting systems with intelligent fittings, interactive video systems and LED lighting systems for nightclubs across the globe, from the smallest to the largest capacity venues.

If you would like us to help deliver your nightclub experience don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Whether it’s a late-night-revue bar or live music venue, EM Communications regularly hires and installs high performance PA systems, effects lighting systems and ambient LED lighting systems to ensure the mood and equipment is perfect for performing bands, visiting artists and DJ’s.

We design each system to be unique for your venue to guarantee they perform as expected and have an established reputation you can rely upon to deliver.

Do you need sound systems for your bars that adapt with your needs? Systems that are flexible enough to provide ambient background music during the day but provide high- quality performance with high sound pressure levels at night?

EM Communications has been installing sound systems for bars for more than twenty years, we understand the demands your venues require, and we design and install our systems to exceed your expectations.


From primary schools to secondary schools, EM Communications designs, supplies and installs sound, lighting and audio visual systems, including digital signage display systems for education.

If your requirement is for a school hall, sports hall or outdoor play area, we can help you with a comprehensive sound, lighting or audio visual solution. We cater for fully installed solutions or a mixture of installed and portable solutions, enabling your systems to be flexible enough to be used for morning assemblies, end of year productions and events or sports days for parents and children.

We ensure our systems are simple to operate every day.

On cruise ships and maritime contracts, audiovisual equipment are essential for improving communication and enjoyment. These installations provide passengers and crew a smooth and immersive experience by utilising a variety of technologies that are tailored to the particular demands and challenges of marine situations.

The challenging maritime circumstances are a major factor in audiovisual installations for cruise ships and marine contracts. Electronic equipment faces difficulties in environments with saltwater, humidity, and continuous motion. To endure these circumstances, specialised, marine-grade AV equipment is used, guaranteeing dependability and endurance.

Cruise ships primarily depend on audiovisual systems to provide top-notch shows, concerts, and multimedia presentations. Modern lighting, video displays, and music systems are installed to provide passengers experiences they won’t forget. In order to maximise the acoustical and visual effect in a variety of aboard venues, including as theatres, lounges, and open decks, the integration of these technologies requires careful design and engineering.

In the maritime sector, communication is equally important, and audiovisual equipment help with efficient information sharing and emergency communication. Throughout the ship, interactive displays, video walls, and public speaker systems are arranged to provide directions, safety alerts, and unambiguous statements. By doing this, it is made sure that both crew and passengers may quickly obtain pertinent information and remain informed while travelling.

Furthermore, contemporary cruise ships frequently integrate automation and smart technology into their audiovisual systems. This comprises interactive navigation displays, sophisticated conference facilities for events and meetings, and room control systems. These technologies improve not just the overall experience but also the vessel’s operational efficiency.

To sum up, audiovisual features aboard cruise ships and marine contracts are essential to establishing a stimulating and secure atmosphere. By utilising durable and specialised equipment, these facilities offer entertainment, communication, and automation solutions that are specifically designed to meet the demands of the open sea, so contributing to the general prosperity of the marine sector

A classroom sound system solution, AV system or LED lighting solution is a necessity in today’s modern classroom, particularly one which allows children, students, and teachers to enjoy fully-immersive learning and teaching experiences.

We provide fully-interactive whiteboard and led screens, presentation systems and wireless microphone systems, in addition to amplifier and loudspeaker packages, to ensure your classrooms are equipped with the tools to help teach and learn.

EM Communications regularly provides commercial audio systems, often alongside digital signage systems, for some of the world’s finest blue-chip brands in the busiest high-streets, shopping centres, retail parks and shopping malls across the globe.

The finest fashion brands, perfumeries, department stores, restaurant chains, supermarkets, technology brands and outlets call upon us to provide high-quality background music systems and multi-zoned paging systems. We also regularly provide performance sound systems for in-store events, promotions and launches.

We understand business disruption in busy environments must be minimised which means our installation teams regularly work outside of store opening hours to ensure operations continue as normal day to day. We have multi-disciplined teams that work alongside existing contractors to bring your projects to conclusion seamlessly and without disruption.

Our sound system designs for commercial audio applications utilise only the highest quality system components to guarantee commercial sound systems installed by EM Communications continue to embrace the demands your businesses place upon them, for a long time after we have installed them.

We offer service contracts too, to keep your business operational.

Whether your requirements are for a single seminar room, a series of seminar and learning rooms, music teaching rooms, tv production studios, performance theatres, drama studios or student unions, at EM Communications we have a reputation for delivering high-quality sound, lighting and digital signage solutions for some of the UK’s leading Universities.

Whether your requirements are for permanently installed sound, lighting or video systems or mobile solutions that allow you to move from room to room, your systems can be entirely flexible because we understand the demands you will make of your equipment.