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Business Conference Audio Hire

Business Conference
Audio Hire

You’ve got a great message and your ready to present it to the room. A common problem with this scenario is your audience can’t hear you because the AV facilities are not up to standard.

Our popular business conference audio hire package is designed to give you all the tools necessary to make sure your message is clearly heard. Suitable for audiences of 85-150 people the package includes delivery, setup and collection when your done.

The package includes:

  • Pair of 250 Watt Speakers and stands
  • Pair of 150 Watt Speakers and stands for ‘Infill’
  • Compact Audio Mixer with additional Laptop audio input
  • Two Radio Microphones and microphone stands
  • All necessary cables and connectors
  • Delivery, setup and collection included
  • £200.00 + VAT *

EMC Business Conference Hire Package