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PA System Hire for Bands in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London

Are you looking to rent speakers for a party? Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or just a simple reunion with your friends, colleagues, or friends, you’ll definitely need a portable sound system to make it a super hit.

That is where we come into the role for your event speaker rental. We serve in and around Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and London. We deal with both residential and corporate clients and ensure that they get the right PA system package for their needs and requirements.

We offer all types of sound systems for hire. Our inventory is full of top-notch quality and industry-recognized PA sound system brands. You can say that we are of the top PA system hire companies capable of offering various PA system packages to suit specific needs.

Every Venue is different as is every band or group! Drop us an email or call us today to discuss your bespoke solution. We will try to accommodate your requirements or can suggest ways of maximizing your budget constraints.

Below are listed a couple of ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions to inspire you! Don’t forget we have lighting and staging that can be added to these for a complete turnkey.

Venue or Outdoor PA system equipment

Doesn’t matter whether you’re planning an outdoor event, a barbeque party with family, or catching up with your old buddies, we’ve got the perfect battery-powered PA speaker system for your next event!

We offer an extensive range of rent speakers for hire so you can find the perfect PA system for your upcoming event. With our expertise and a huge inventory of equipment, we can get to know your requirements and help you choose a package that suits your needs.

Our PA sound system package includes:
  • 20,000 Watt JBL sound system hire VTX Array system, ground stacked or flown
  • Soundcraft Vi1 main FOH desk
  • Soundcraft Performer 3 desk monitor option
  • Microphones and Stands
  • Monitor speaker option
  • Engineers Included
JBL VTX B18 angle- EMCommunications
JBL VTX B18 - EMCommunications
VTX_B18_A8 - EMCommunications. Sub Bass Hire
VTX_B18_A8 Array - EMCommunications

Medium sized PA Hire Package including Monitors suitable for audiences up to 500 people. Can also be customised for Large Conference Audio

Our medium-sized event speaker rental is one of the popular choices for all kinds of events. You can avail these for parties, DJ’s and function bands. These are a good option for speeches and meetings too.

Battery powered PA system is yet another piece of equipment we offer to our clients and we offer a stunning collection of portable options. These are perfect for performances that require a move during the show.

The audio portable speakers have good voice projection which makes ideal for speeches and meetings.
Our rent PA system includes:
  • 8, 000 Watt JBL VRX Series Line Array portable PA system package – 4 x Mid/High; 2 x Twin 18 Subs
  • 64 Channel Soundcraft Performer 3 Digital Mixing Desk with 32/16 Digital Stage Box
  • 5 monitor wedges
  • Microphones and Stands flightcase
  • Amplifier Rack cables and multicore
  • Delivery, Setup and Engineer included

Solo or Duet performance PA portable sound system hire suitable for 150 Audience

This is one of our most popular PA sound system packages that is considered to be best for small events with simple requirements. You can acquire this package and set up the event within minutes!

There are various options of PA systems hire that you can choose-out from. There are every kind of rent speakers for a party that you’ll ever need from us. We’ll be happy to assist you find the perfect rig for your party.

We offer small PA systems for parties which includes:
  • Pair of 500Watt party Speakers hire
  • Pair of PA sound speaker stands
  • 2 x Vocal Microphones with stands
  • 2 x DI Boxes
  • Soundcraft UI24 – 24 channel mixer with multitrack recording and playback facility. USB and Phono backing track input
dj-playing-music-mixer - EMCommunications

Looking For PA System? Get A Free Quote

You’ve an Event & We’ve Solutions
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dj-playing-music-mixer - EMCommunications

Ben Wintle

Ed was absolutely brilliant with the hire. On the phone with the booking he was informative and helpful, and on the day had thought of everything.

BMC Security

Worked with Ed on a number of events and venues. Always guaranteed professional service and advice. If your looking for audio, video or lighting equipment, Ed's your man!


Great customer service. Ed is a real expert and made me feel at ease with our wedding customer! thank you EMCommunications

Different Requirements for Audio Portable Speaker

We understand that one requires different PA sound speakers depending upon their music taste or party theme. And thus, if you are looking forward to organizing a party indoors, you may require small PA systems rather than the one used for a party outdoors.

Additionally, it depends upon the attendees and the size of the room that may require more PA speaker systems. Therefore, it is always a good idea that you leave this decision to the experts to decide on the right PA system equipment for your next party needs.

We, at EM Communications, are very flexible and always stand by our client’s side to help you choose the right portable PA system you need. We are experts in this field and thus can assist you throughout the renting and hiring process. Our PA system hire packages do not only include speakers, we offer other required equipment as well, which includes a microphone, projector, various types of lighting, and staging.

Moreover, we keep all our PA system equipment in top-notch condition so that you can enjoy your party fully. If you are familiar with someone who has already been on a stage show or hosted a party, then ask them how choosing the wrong rent PA system can ruin the whole program. That could be one embarrassing situation for you, and to avoid this situation, it is crucial that you conduct in-depth research before your party speaker hire process.