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Soundweb Sound and Video system

Soundweb 9088ii LowRes

Having spent the last 12 years designing sound systems around the now discontinued BSS ‘Original’ Soundweb 9088 and Soundweb 9088 ii Network System Processors, we now realise that there is a considerable number of Soundweb based installations that are no longer supported by their original installers or the sound design file (*.sdf) has simply been lost!


Soundweb 9016 LowRes


If you have an original Soundweb installation and have no means of making adjustments or reconfiguring your sound and video system, please get in touch with us. We can carry out a site survey of your premises and can rewrite your missing file so your system can then be reconfigured or any additions or variations to your sound and video installation can be integrated properly.


Soundweb 9010 Jellyfish LowRes